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Opening Lecture and Q&A with Henry Pollack:
Confronting Climate Change: What Are The Challenges?
Admission is free.

Musicians, composers and artists Michael GouldStephen Rush and Marion Tränkle have collaborated with geophysicist and climate scientist Henry Pollack (co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with IPCC colleagues and Al Gore) to create a multimedia installation that captures a precarious moment in the history of our planet. Part science, part music, part art, this collaboration is a groundbreaking, thought-provoking and compelling multisensory experience focusing on Earth’s changing climate. For more information, visit worldwithouticeinstallation.com.


Henry Pollack is emeritus professor of geophysics at the University of Michigan.[1] Pollack received his A.B. from Cornell University in 1958 and Ph.D in 1963 from the University of Michigan. He is also an advisor to the National Science Foundation and an author (along with 2000 other people) of a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prizewith Al Gore.[2][1] Pollack has conducted scientific research on all seven continents and has traveled regularly to Antarctica.[3]

In 2010, Pollack wrote the book A World Without Ice which provides an analysis of climate change science.[1] In 2003, he wrote Uncertain Science ... Uncertain World.[4]

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