Technical Information


Technical Information



Technical Information and Set-Up.

We can install A World Without Ice to fit within your venue or space--whether in a small gallery or a large theater we are able to "sculpt" the space to fit the installation.  We have three general set-ups available, as well as custom configurations if necessary.  Each space has its unique challenges from acoustics to lighting--we strive to work with each venue or institution to get it right. 

  • Large Set-up
    • Curved Projection Screen 26' x 9' 1/2' (800x300cm).
    • Arc Radius 18' (550cm).
    • 2-65" LCD Monitors.
    • Acoustic Drums and stands.
    • Cymbal stands with ice holders.
    • Powered monitors for sound reinforcement of drums
    • Stereo playback from video
    • Venue supplies Stereo playback, theatrical adjustable lighting, seating, 2 projectors.
    • For layout and technical data click here
  • Medium Set-up
    • We can use a screen provided from the venue if our custom curved screen will not fit. We can also use one or both of our 65" monitors to provide video playback.  
    • From 3-10 drums and stands.
    • 3-10 cymbal stands with ice holders.
    • 2-8 powered monitors for sound reinforcement of drums.
    • Stereo playback from video
  • Small Set-up
    • 65" monitor with stereo playback.
    • 1-2 acoustic drums and stands.
    • 1-2 cymbal stands with ice holders.
    • 2 powered monitors for sound reinforcement of drums

We will provide each venue or institution specifications for making the ice for the installation. Depending on conditions we usually require ice to be delivered once per day or made on site. A technical rider and press material can be provided upon request.