• Varner Hall-Recital Hall (map)
  • 371 Varner Drive
  • Rochester Hills, MI, 48309
  • United States

Multi-percussionist Michael Gould and pianist/multi-instrumentalist Stephen Rush present a concert of improvised and composed music together with narration by Nobel-prize-winning Geophysicist Henry Pollack. Gould and Rush have collaborated around the world using multi-media, electronics, and creative instrument-making to present soulful, fun, and mind-bending concerts. The program will include a sonification of climate change data, the short film Rocket to the Moon (1933) set to live music, and a special guest appearance by Oakland University physics professor/singer/guitarist Alberto Rojo. Admission is $14 general, $8 students.

Musicians, composers and artists Michael GouldStephen Rush and Marion Tränkle have collaborated with geophysicist and climate scientist Henry Pollack (co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with IPCC colleagues and Al Gore) to create a multimedia installation that captures a precarious moment in the history of our planet. Part science, part music, part art, this collaboration is a groundbreaking, thought-provoking and compelling multisensory experience focusing on Earth’s changing climate. For more information, visit worldwithouticeinstallation.com.